Spring Schmmoze 2004 in Vancouver BC

Jerry, Eric, and
Gary hanging out

Goodies and Gifts

In front of our
to the hotel...

Who knew glass

Mashed potatoes!

What's a 'wicket?'

Just plain weird!

The art gallery

Friendly ladies.

Just in case we
messed up the first shot ;)

Outside art - Jerry
and Gary ponder it.

Old Spaghetti Factory dinner.

Misha taking
a picture at dinner

Robert and Bonnie

Driving to Stanley park

Up close - Gary

Up close - Danny

Choosing tunes

A neat legend

The rock of the legend

...a bit closer.

Mmmm! Gravy cheese
and french fries.

up close to those yummy fries!

I really like them...

...so much that I
finished off everyones!
[Eric didn't like it...]


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