Pics from Brandon's camera at the Austin 2004 Shareware Schmooze...

Gary threatened to put this bumper sticker on my car. I threatened him with bodily harm. The sticker ended up on the bucket-o-candy. I didn't eat the candy.

Eric Isaacson checks his email on my computer as Rosemary West attempts to get his password while watching him type. Oddly, mine was the only "real" computer around. There were no less than 12 wireless networks to choose from, most wide open. "NETGEAR" worked well for a while.

Tom Guthery IV offers a profile shot. Limestone sucks the heat right out of you.

Gary Elfring explains that he asks himself "what would Eric do?" before making a business decision. Apparently this results in lots of "goofing off."

Gary enjoys some pancakes. He was upset that hey wouldn't give them any at the Waffle House the day before.

Rosemary is glad I didn't post the shot taken right before this one.

Me (Brandon Staggs), Don Watkins, Gary, and Eric. Gary and Don are using their "non-real" computers.

Danny Weidig, Don, and Sue Pichotta.

Eric, Gary, Rosemary, Tom.

Gary did this a lot, without external stimuli.

Ian Muth in the center.

We're programmers. Not hardware people.

Ate some good food at the Iron Works.

Gary marvels at the south's fascination with white bread.

Ian's expression seems to indicate that he grew up in a country where people didn't take pictures of other people consuming food.

And finally, some video evidence of Gary's spontanious outbursts:
gary1.wmv (321KB)


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