Pictures of the 1998 Schmooze

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Amy and Ehren- Aureate Media    Anne and Tom Warfield 
At the Blue Nile for Dinner    Bill Sturgell 
Bob Ostrander    Bob Ostrander - Again 
Jerry, Rich, and Bill    Terry Ostrander 
A simple plea    Dan Veaner and Fred Clabuesch 
Dan and Gary Elfring    Dan and Rosemary West 
Dan Veaner Smiling    Dave Gjessing and Ken Mashburn 
Dave Gjessing and Harold Holmes - Hotel dining area    Eric Isaacson and Dan Veaner - Hotel lobby 
Eric Isaacson - I think (g)    Eric Isaacson - After Schmoozing all day 
Eric - More normal    Gary Elfring and Dan Veaner - Hotel lobby 
Gary - Creating New Fonts    Gary, Tom Guthery, and Rich Holler 
The Gazebo    Rosemary West and the Gazebo 
Gary and Dan    Bill and Harold bring goodies 
Rich and Tom    Harold Holmes 
Lou Ann Holmes, Harold, and Rosemary    Jerry Stern 
Jerry Stern and Tom Warfield    Kathy Cassidy 
Kathy - again    Here's,....Kathy 
Ken Mashburn and Bill    Lobby at the Schmooze 
Lou Ann    Lou Ann and Terry Ostrander 
Melanie Isaacson    Melanie and Rosemary 
Dan's Sock of the Day    The parrott in the lobby 
Rich - the Guru    Rich and Harold 
Rich and Russ Irwin    Russ Irwin 
Russ - again    Rosemary and someone's arm 
Rosemary's chest    Rosemary and Dan 
Rosemary - expressing herself    Rosemary and Gary 
Rosemary and Russ    Schmokers at breakfast 
Rosemary - expressing herself    Rosemary and Gary 
Tom Guthery    Tom - again 
The end of the line for the beer and pop 

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