1999 St Louis Schmooze

by Eric Isaacson

Harold Holmes' St. Louis schmooze was a big success, with attendance comparable to the original Columbus schmoozes. I left my home in Bloomington, IN around 2PM, to drive to St. Louis. Since I'm a stubborn old cuss who doesn't like hotels that charge for local calls, I drove to the Motel 6 and checked in there, and then headed for the Embassy Suites, the site of the schmooze.
The hotel was easily visible as I approached it from a side road; however, it is not so easily reached. I approched from a couple of directions; however, there didn't seem to be any way to drive there. I wound up parking in a bank's lot, that was across a little grassy knoll from the hotel. I walked into the hotel and found the schmoozers croweded into a small area next to a bar.
The schmoozers had various tales of confusion reaching the hotel as well. They advised me that the only way in us from US67 southbound. I went back out to move the car, driving around close to a mile in order to move the car 30 feet across that grassy knoll.

Once back in the bar area, I set about snapping some individual pictures of schmoozers:
Bill Strugell

Richard Holler

Tom Guthery, the only schmoozer who flew in.

Terry Jepson

Michael Raustad, who drove from the farthest distance (Florida).

Schmooze host Harold Holmes, casting a relaxed pose

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