Definition: shareware (sharwar) n. Copyrighted software that is available free of charge on a trial basis, with the condition that users pay a fee for continued use and support. "Try before you buy software".

Definition: schmooze (shmooz) Slang v. To converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection.

Definition: shareware schmooze (sharwar shmooz) n. "...there is a lot of networking and socializing. Many deals are made, many tips are exchanged, and most everyone accomplishes something to help their business." - Bill Sturgell, "Father" of the Shareware Schmooze

"Who else are you going to talk to about this strange way of making a living, except other shareware folks?" - Tom Guthery IV, frequent schmooze attender



The Bloomington Schmooze
October October 25-28 2007

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