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Corporate Sponsors for the 2000 Schmooze

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Elfring Soft Fonts


The File Mine

R.K. West Consulting

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WISCO Computing

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BlueCollar Software
Bill Sturgell
Author of "Everything I Own" - Urbana, Ohio

Cottonwood Software
Stan & Connie Spielbusch

Elfring Soft Fonts
Gary Elfring
Bar Codes, MICR, Signatures, popular TrueType fonts and clip art - Wasco, IL

EmmaSoft Software Co., Inc.
Dan Veaner
Lansing, NY

Eric Isaacson, Software
Eric Isaacson
Author of the A86/D86 assembler and debugger, and the ZIPKEY zipcode and telephone area code directory - Bloomington, Indiana

File Mine
Kerry Krueger, Senior Producer
(Also Robyn, John, and Skyler)

Goodsol Development
Thomas & Ann Warfield
Home of Pretty Good Solitaire 98 - Springfield, IL

Bob Ostrander
"Retired shareware distributor from those old days when floppy disks were sent back and forth through the U.S. Mail"

R.K. West Consulting
Rosemary West
Many interesting programs for DOS & Windows. - Mission Hills, CA

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Jessica Dewell, Sales
(Also Bonnie) A service of Digital River - Issaquah, WA

RMH Computer Services
Rich Holler
Owner of the Author Direct Distribution Service, and Executive Director for the ASP - Indianapolis, Indiana

Dale Sampson
Software by Nurses for Everyone - Cleveland, Ohio

Science Translations Software
Jerry Stern
Publisher of FileTiger, Graphcat, FontKat (ASP) Editor, ASPects, Newsletter of the Association of Shareware Professionals - Westminster MD

SigmaTech Software
Fred Clabuesch
Software of general interest. Sand Point, MI.

Universal Hint System
Jason Strautman
Hints for computer games - Cambridge, MA

WaverlyStreet Software
Dave Gjessing
Easy to use software for home & office - Columbus, Ohio

WISCO Computing
Terry L. Jepson
Educational Software for Teachers - Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

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