1996 Schmooze in Columbus, Ohio

Well, the 1996 Schmooze is history.

I feel it was very successful, and went far beyond my expectations. I'd like to thank all the attendees, and the many people who helped make this event so enjoyable.

There will be another next year! No doubt about it! Check this site for further information as it becomes available.

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Click here for the weather in Columbus - Thanks to Eric Isaacson for finding this site.

1996 Schmooze Attendees

(This list is alphabetical. Click on the 'Name' to send an e-mail, click the 'Company' to visit their Web site.)

George Abbott Pro Dev Software - Church Membership & Business Quote/Bid Software - Muskegon, MI
Jan Abbott Executive Director of the Association of Shareware Professionals - Muskegon, MI
Roger Arias A&R Manager - FormGen/WizardWorks/GT Interactive/ASP CD-ROM - Phoenix, AZ
Michael Beutner New Shareware Author - Athens, OH
Kathy and Dan Cassidy SerpentHead Shareware Game - Hillsboro, Ohio
Will Daniel Editor of ASPects - Dayton, OH
Jon Davis Main Net - System Administrator & Webmaster at Main Net - Urbana, OH
Gary Elfring Elfring Softfonts - TT fonts and Clip Art - Wasco, IL
Dave Gjessing Waverly Street - Columbus, Ohio
Tom Guthery IV FLIX Productions - CoB ASP - Author of award winning "Animated Series" - Austin, TX
Richard Holler RMH Computer Services - Author Direct - Vice President of ASP - Indianapolis, IN
Harold Holmes Lincoln Beach Software - Ballwin, MO - Author of award winning 'Web-It!'
Lou Ann Holmes Enduring wife of succesful shareware author - Ballwin, MO
Russ Irwin IrwinWare - Pittsburgh, PA
Eric Isaacson Eric Isaacson Software - Bloomington, IN - Award winning author of 'A86'
Bill Letendre Trendtech Corporation - Wayne, NJ
Scott McPheeters ASP BBS Sysop - Windows programmer - System Administrator in real life - Indianapolis, IN
Bob Ostrander Software Co-op - Indianapolis, IN - Lifetime Achievement Award winner 1994
Paul Reaver Versatile Software Solutions - Fairborn, OH
Bill Sturgell BlueCollar Software - ASP Secretary - Urbana, OH
Sheryl Sturgell Long suffering spouse of struggling shareware author - Urbana, OH
Dan Veaner Emmasoft Software Co., Inc.- "ASPDan" - Lansing, NY
Dominique Watkins America Online - Will be there Friday, November 8th only
Rosemary West R. K. West Consulting - Unusual Software for Fun and Learning - Mission Hills, Ca

Accomplishments and Benefits of the Schmooze

Send an E-mail telling what you accomplished at the Schmooze.

Bill Sturgell / Internet: billstur@blucollsoft.com

Richard Holler - I think that the most important accomplishment of the Schmooze was the fact that a group of shareware industry members were able to sit down and talk at length, about any issue they desired, without worrying about when the next session starts, or when the next event takes place, or when the next meeting is scheduled.
After attending the SSS/SIC events for the past 5 years now, I've noticed that in-depth "schmoozing" is often hampered or interupted by the scheduled activities. That is not meant to imply *anything* derogatory regarding the SIC event -- I think they are crucial to our industry, and I wouldn't miss one for anything.
However, it was extremely enjoyable (and beneficial) to spend a relaxed weekend 'schmoozing' with other members of our industry, without the pressure of scheduled events, sessions, and meetings.

Bob Ostrander - Rich Holler and I are proceeding apace with the system envisioned in the meeting Friday afternoon. It looks >50/50 to come to pass. And it could turn into a large project. Nuff said (in public right now) :-) Obviously this never would have happened without Bill and Dan's setting things up! Thanks!

Rosemary West - The meeting with Roger Arias of FormGen was very informative. ASP members had a chance to discuss how the ASP CD-ROM project can evolve. Everyone got to learn more about what GT's purchase of FormGen really means, and the kinds of publishing opportunities that will be available to us in the future.

Bill Sturgell - We finalized an agreement with Scott McPheeters to write the first of our DOS programs under the Windows 95 environment. This should be beneficial to us all at BlueCollar Software and RMH Computer Services. Another benefit was seeing all my friends, I really appreciated the support you've all given me over the past few years. Thank you!

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